What is an AHEC Preceptor?

An AHEC preceptor is a health professional, who in conjunction with an AHEC program, serves as a clinical faculty member for one or more health professions academic programs. By training students at community–based rural and underserved urban areas, AHECs seek to expose these students to the needs, challenges and practice opportunities that exist in medically underserved areas.

If you are a health professional working in a medically underserved area in conjunction with AHEC, we invite you to serve as a clinical faculty member or preceptor for one or more health professions academic programs. By doing so, you are entitled to the following Preceptor Benefit Package, provided you accept two or more students per year.

• A volunteer faculty appointment (at the college or university for whom you are serving as a preceptor, when eligible)

• Invitation to special preceptor recognition events held biennially

• Loan of computer system for eligible preceptors and their students

• Educational stipends of up to $350.00 per year towards registration for professional meetings or conferences

Plus Library and Information Services provided through our librarian at the USF AHEC Program:

• Librarian-mediated database and Internet searches

• Access to full-text and searching databases

• Loan of AHEC-owned books and other materials

• Reference materials for clinical sites

• Computer and Internet training at clinical sites

• Internet connection and e-mail access (limited by geographic availability)

For more info

Contact Victor Rodriguez Cruz at 813.929.1000